Exploring Julia’s

Our diners love Julia’s,  not just for the stunning French food, but for the architectural beauty that surrounds them.

If you have yet to dine with us, enter through these beautiful glass doors.


Julia’s is located on the second floor.  We are pleased to offer a Lounge adjacent to Julia’s which is open Tuesday thru Saturday from 4:30pm – 8pm.  The Lounge offers a variety of cocktails, wine, beer and after dinner drinks.

Diners may enjoy Lunch which is offered Tuesday – Friday from 11:30am – 2pm and Dinner which is offered Tuesday – Saturday from 5pm – 8:30pm.


Savor the beauty yourself by joining us soon.  Reservations available on Open Table, by calling us at 510.280.1547 or emailing us at your convenience.


Small bites

Introducing our newest addition at Julia’s.

Small bites, dear friends and here is a sampling.

Hello, spiced almonds


And, marinated castelvetrano olives, we are coming for you.


Chef Alaun’s creativity will delight you as you enjoy our newest offerings, available on the Dinner menu or in the Lounge.

Options will change routinely based on seasonality and availability.

Make a Dinner reservation to check out this addition soon, or pop in the Lounge, Tuesday thru Saturday, from 4:30pm – 8pm.


Cocktail fun

For our diners that love a great cocktail before Dinner or happen to be looking to celebrate a special moment, we have some great cocktails to share about.

Hello, Mint Julep.


At Julia’s, we love to marry the fresh ingredients that Chef Alaun is using in the restaurant and bring them into our drinks.  The mint is beautiful and in season.

Next up is the Kir Royal.


Ours uses Jean Philippe Brut Sparkling Wine and Creme de Cassis.  Not only is this one pretty, but a nice sparkling wine is guaranteed to make you smile.

Last up is a current favorite of many, a Fresh Margarita.


Ours brings together Herradura Tequila, agave, fresh lime and salt.

Join us for Lounge Hours, Tuesday thru Saturday from 4:30pm – 8pm and treat yourself to one of these cocktails or see many of the offerings we have available.


New cocktails

We have some delicious new cocktails to share about with you.


Hello, Citron Martini. With summer coming to an end, we are delighted to head into fall soon and welcome all the greatness of citrus.


Ours is prepared with vanilla vodka, limoncello, freshly squeezed lemon and simple syrup.

Next up is a Fresh Margarita.


Our take on this classic drink is tequila, agave, fresh lime and salt.

Wrapping things up on our current favorites is a Negroni.


 Ours is made with gin, campari and sweet vermouth.

Come on in and see the other refreshing options that we have on the cocktail menu, served Tuesday – Saturday from 4:30pm – 8pm.


Beer, wine & cocktails

Summer is in full swing and Julia’s Lounge makes a great place to cool off and sip a favorite beverage.

A favorite beer of many is Pacifico.


Did you know that in the 1970’s surfers from Southern California traveled down the Baja Coast exploring. Along the way, they stopped at cantinas where locals introduced them to this favorite.

Over time, the surfers began bringing cases back to the US, becoming the first unofficial importers of this favorite Mexican pilsner.

Next up, wine!

A refreshing white wine favorite is Sauvignon Blanc, Honig.


The dried-citrus of this Sauvignon Blanc exhibits flavors of delicious dried melon and citrus peel.

Lastly, cocktails!

When you think Summer, maybe lemon and citrus come to mind.

Our Blushing Lemon Drop is perfection with Fris Vodka, lemon juice, sugar and a hint of pomegranate liqueur.

Join us in the Lounge, before or after Dinner, or just because!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday, from 4:30pm – 8pm.


Lounge Hours

The weather is beginning to heat up, so what better opportunity than to tuck inside for a cool beverage?


Julia’s features a great wine list, thirst-quenching beers and stunning mixed drinks.  We even have specialty drinks that change with the seasons.

Glasses at Happy Hour - David Bunnell

A wide array of glasses are ready and waiting

Wine bottles in ice - David Bunnell

Refreshing white wines on ice

Come cool off with us and treat yourself to a little downtime this Spring.

Just adjacent to Julia’s, in the Julia Morgan Room, you can sip on a cocktail and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

Julia’s Lounge is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4:30pm – 8pm

Wine glasses explained

The next time you are relaxing at Julia’s Lounge, your favorite restaurant or enjoying a glass of wine with friends, you may be able to share knowledge of types of glasses after reading this post.

The best and most practical wine glass will be made with crystal or a thin glass.  Thicker glass has been thought to affect the taste of your wine and possibly making it difficult to sip your wine.

For the average wine drinker, four basic types of wine glasses (red, white, sparkling, dessert) may be all you need. For those who wish to expand their enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge of wine, you may want to invest in the more specific types of wine glasses.

Red wine


red wine glass bowl will be full and round with a large opening to allow you to dip your nose into the glass to detect aroma. The complex aromas and flavors of red wine demand a glass with a larger surface area so the wine comes in contact with more air.

White wine


white wine glass bowl will be more U shaped and upright allowing the aromas to be released while also maintaining a cooler temperature.

The wine glass for younger whites has a slightly larger opening directing the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue to taste its sweetness.

The glass for more mature whites will be straighter and taller to dispense the wine to the back and sides of the tongue to taste its bolder flavors.

Sparkling wine


sparkling wine glass (or flute) will be upright and more narrow to retain the carbonation and capture the flavor.

Dessert wine


dessert wine glass should be smaller to direct the wine to the back of the mouth so the sweetness does not overwhelm the drinker. Dessert wines generally have a higher alcohol content, thus making the small glass perfect for a smaller serving.

Now, come and test your knowledge of wine glasses on your next visit to Julia’s or The Lounge at Julia’s, open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday evenings.

Call us:  510.280.1547

Email us:  julia’s@berkeleycityclub.com

Lounge Hours at Julia’s

Lounge Hours

Needing to unwind after a long day, or just want to relax with wine and a nibble?

If you love Chef Alaun’s creations for Lunch and Dinner, you will thoroughly enjoy the tapas we are offering again during Lounge Hours.  Some of the options we have available are warm marinated olives, a classic tortilla espanola, garlic fries served with a romesco aioli and salt cod croquets with lemon aioli.

Our featured cocktails change seasonally and our talented bartenders can concoct beverages to your liking – be it a martini, a side car or gimlet – or a simple glass of wine or beer.

Come and join us during our newly extended Lounge Hours from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, Tuesday thru Saturday.  You will be glad you did!  Don’t forget – for Members, your discount applies to tapas and beverages!