Lounge Hours

The weather is beginning to heat up, so what better opportunity than to tuck inside for a cool beverage?


Julia’s features a great wine list, thirst-quenching beers and stunning mixed drinks.  We even have specialty drinks that change with the seasons.

Glasses at Happy Hour - David Bunnell

A wide array of glasses are ready and waiting

Wine bottles in ice - David Bunnell

Refreshing white wines on ice

Come cool off with us and treat yourself to a little downtime this Spring.

Just adjacent to Julia’s, in the Julia Morgan Room, you can sip on a cocktail and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

Julia’s Lounge is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4:30pm – 8pm

A quaint celebration

Have you considered Julia’s as a gathering place for your next celebration?

Great food, stunning service and picturesque views.  A great option, right?

Bay Area photographer, Anna Wu would agree and held a recent birthday at our namesake restaurant.

Small touches of detail adorn the table and pops of color are stunning for Spring.


Dinner guests (and the birthday girl!) were enveloped in beauty as the perfectly set table was wrapped in architectural details of the historic space.


Through the windows, you can take the outside in and enjoy beauty in all forms.


If you are considering this as an option for your next small gathering, contact us via email or phone.

Our Team is happy to assist you in the process.

julias@berkeleycityclub.com / 510.280.1547

Images by Anna Wu Photography

Wine Training Day

What goes with great food?  Well, great wine, of course!

Come take a peek with us on our trip to Trinchero Estates Winery, where our well-loved Trinity Oaks Merlot comes from.

2012-05-14 11.31.08

Team members from our Events, Food and Beverage, Kitchen and Administrative teams traveled to Napa Valley, CA to learn about how wine is made – from the beginnings of the grape on the branch all the way to the bottling process.

2012-05-14 16.06.19

The days were truly memorable for growth, team building and wine education.

2012-05-14 16.07.59

Team members had the opportunity to learn sensory training, taste wines and learn standards for table side wine service.

sous chef smell

The time spent there was not only memorable but beautiful!

2012-05-14 16.04.06

Next time you are at Julia’s, try the Trinity Oaks Merlot.  It is a stunning red perfect with many items on the menu!

Anatomy of a place setting

Are you one of those people completely at home with a fine dining place setting, or could you use a mini tutorial?

We keep ours fairly simplistic and are here to shed some light on things so you know what to reach for the next time you dine with us.

First up, glassware.

After you have ordered your beverages, any extraneous glasses will be cleared.


Next up, silverware…

And, have no fear if you use drop something, or, (gasp), use something “out of order” — we have extras ready and waiting for you.

If you ordered a meat dish that needs a knife, we will come to the table shortly before your entree arrives with one suitable for cutting.


Bread plate

We knew you were eyeing that bread plate.  That is yours, on the left.

If you saved room for dessert, your server will bring fresh spoons for everyone to taste a bit of decadence.

We invite you to come and dine with us soon!  We can be reached for reservations at 510.280.1547 or on Open Table.

Images by Matt O’Brien Photography

Restaurant Week favorites

With just a few days left of Berkeley Restaurant Week, we hope you have come in and treated yourself to a meal (or two!) with us.

If you have yet to make it in, do so before this Saturday, January 31st.

It will be worth your while, because, (bonus!) the restaurant is beautiful…


Julia’s at lunchtime

And then we have the main reason you came, the food!

Unassuming as they are, and a food many thought they did not like…



One of the favorite entrees this year has definitely been the fish.  Any kind will do.  Light enough for Lunch and substantial with its accompaniments for dinner.

Let’s just say it is a win win.


And, for dessert (because, well, it’s included in the price and the portions are small…)


Any (and all) versions of Chef Alaun’s cake are so yummy.

So, if the Chocolate Ganache Bar we mentioned before is too rich for your blood, a light bit of cake and ice cream have been a winner among many diners.

So, come in and join us before Restaurant Week is over.

Menu items vary based upon availability. (only the best and freshest for our diners!)

Reservations are available for both Lunch and Dinner on Open Table or reach us via phone at 510.280.1547.

Julia’s in Diablo Magazine

The excitement of Restaurant Week has foodies all over buzzing and shouting great things from the rooftops (and, needless to say, we are thrilled!)

Take a peek at The Weekly Dish of Diablo magazine where Julia’s was featured.

We hope you are making plans to come see us for Lunch or Dinner.

Maybe these Julia’s creations will tempt your mouth to water and soon have you pondering great food and wine…

or, this pretty little salad…


Butter lettuce, Comice pear, toasted almonds, radish, Dijon vinaigrette

Or, this as your entree…


Roasted Rack of Lamb, fingerling potatoes, chorizo, kale, Romesco sauce

Succulent, looking, right?

and, if this is on the menu, try it…


Chocolate ganache bar, warm chocolate cake, pecans, lavender cream

Rich, yet just enough!

The fun kicks off tomorrow, 1.22.2015 through 1.30.2015.

Book on Open Table or call us to make your reservations at 510.280.1547.

Menu items are subject to availability, so come on in to see what Chef Alaun and his team have up their coat sleeves!

Restaurant Week 2015

All the fun kicks off this Thursday, January 22, 2015.

Yes, folks, Berkeley Restaurant Week is about to start and if you need something fun to do and fresh to eat (or just want a great deal for Lunch or Dinner), join us!

Here is the skinny…

In its third year, Visit Berkeley, the go to source for all things local and fun, is putting on this great little opportunity for you.

Enjoy a plethora of great food from January 22 – 31, 2015, from restaurants such as Julia’s at the Berkeley City ClubLalime’s, Rivoli, Comal and more! There are 27 Berkeley restaurants on the list, so enjoy great prix fixe menus at a nice price.

Insider Tip:

Like Visit Berkeley on Facebook and look for #BRW15 on Twitter for the chance to possibly win a gift certificate to a participating restaurant to be used during Berkeley Restaurant Week.

Our 3-course Lunch will be featured Tuesday – Friday for $20

Our 3-course Dinner is featured Tuesday – Saturday for $30

Simply request the Restaurant Week menu 

Book today on Open Table to secure your seat for a great meal and stunning service!

Berkeley Restaurant Week

That fun time of year is upon us again.  With a new year come opportunities to try restaurants we may not have before for Berkeley Restaurant Week.

Starting on Thursday, January 22nd and running through Sunday, January 31st, all the fun begins!

Want the skinny?  Without further adieu, here we go!


Presented by Visit Berkeley and in it’s 3rd year, Berkeley Restaurant Week has grown since its inception.

Restaurants create special menus for Lunch, Dinner or both.

We are open for Lunch, Tuesday – Friday and Dinner, Tuesday – Saturday

27 restaurants in Berkeley are participating this year.  We bet that Julia’s is on your “must go” list, but who else is a must see?

Chef Alaun’s menus sound amazing for Lunch ($20) and Dinner ($30).  You choose an appetizer, entree and dessert for the set price.  It is an excellent value to sample our offerings.  The menu will also be based on availability.

Can’t wait to score a seat?  Book today while reservations remain!

Types of Salt

In the kitchen and on the table, not all salt is created equal.

News to you?  Not to worry.  We are here to explain.

Let’s start with the most basic to most of us.


Table salt 

Mined and processed to form very small cubes, it is some of the most uniform of all salt.  It can tend to taste really “salty” and harsh.

 In comparison, it is not really any saltier than others, it’s just that the crystals are small and sometimes difficult to dissolve.  Because of this, the crystals tend to linger on your tongue’s surface.


Typically the “go to” salt for your baking (and most cooking) needs.

The uniformly shaped crystals make table salt the best choice for baking, where precise measurements are critical.

Kosher salt


Most kosher salts contain no additives.  It is made by compacting granular salt between rollers, which produces large, irregular flakes.

Kosher salt is generally reserved for meats and recipes that call specifically for it. It keeps pork chops tender, steaks juicy and chicken breast moist.


A great seasoning salt for meats.  Ir is also ideal for making spice rubs, marinades and brines.

Maldon sea salt


A great sea salt for finishing.  It is expensive, starting at $11/pound and going up, but a little goes a long way with the delicate flavor it holds.


To naturally enhance the flavors of your food. Ideal for cooking or seasoning dishes for a clean, fresh taste without bitterness.

Sel Gris

“Gray salt” is harvested on France’s Atlantic coast where shallow basins are flooded with ocean water.

The salt picks up its gray color and distinct flavor from the minerals at the bottom of the basin.

It has lots of great uses – from kitchen to table!

salt types


A dense salt, high in moisture content.  It makes a great enhancement to meats and root vegetables.

The world of salt extends beyond what we have mentioned here, but it is a great little peek in to what is best to use for most day-to-day scenarios.

Next time you are out dining, keep your eyes peeled for different salts in action!

New Year’s Eve around the World

Ever wonder what other countries drink to ring in the New Year in style?  In the United States, we love to toast with a flute of bubbly.


Let’s begin with Russia, who spans two calendars (Julian and Georgian).  With their country-favorite, Vodka, some Russians toast twice, once for each calendar.


Next up, Australia, with a frosty cold beer, since it is Summer down under from December to February.  A Foster’s, preferably, mate!

Illustrative image of Foster's beer.

Moving over to Vietnam.  How about a spiked frozen coffee shot?  Caffeine and a little sweetness?  Count me in.


Curious about Somalia?  Me too, and it sounds intriguing, with Spiced Tea.  A perfect complement to take a break from the alcohol.


Hello there, Ecuador.  What do you have for us?  Canelazo.  Warm shots of strong alcohol, spice, and citrus will give you a refreshing kick.  And, how gorgeous is the lush, green background to accompany your New Year’s drink?

Baños, Ecuador

Closer to home, in Canada, is a Bloody Caesar.  They do them up with Clamato juice and a hint of horseradish.


We hope you enjoyed reading about “go to” drinks around the world!

This year, at Julia’s, all diners may enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne or sparkling apple cider to ring in the New Year.