Lunch favorites

Our diners are loving Chef Alaun’s latest creations.

Take a peek at some of the favorites gracing our tables in Julia’s.

Hello, asparagus risotto.


A great, hearty option for Lunch, we are using beautiful, in-season asparagus and porcini mushrooms and then accenting the risotto with parmigiano reggiano.

It is kind of amazing.

Our club sandwich is a favorite of many.  It is a simple and delicious option when you just can’t decide what you would like.


Chef is loading ours up with turkey, bacon and avocado, then the butter lettuce and aioli provide a cool complement to the hearty meat.

A win, win indeed.

Finishing things off with a sweet treat is our strawberries “mi cuit.”  That means half-cooked in French, but is full on delicious.


Ours is accented with vanilla mascarpone chantilly.

The gorgeous Spring days are a great time to get out and try something new.

Come see us for Lunch soon at Julia’s.  An inviting table awaits.


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