Spring vegetables

Our diners are enjoying the bounty of spring produce on the menu.

Chef Alaun is using vibrant options throughout our starters and main courses.

A favorite of many are the beautiful lettuces.

They are gracing us on salads and providing a fresh pop of color on our sandwiches.


Next up are the colorful radishes.

We are serving them as a starter alongside baby lettuce and cucumbers.


Lastly, look for the spring pea risotto on the Dinner menu.


Diners are loving this dish accented with king trumpet mushrooms and mint.

Not only is it beautiful when plated, but delicious as well.

Come in soon to enjoy the bounty of spring vegetables available.



Lunch favorites

Our diners are loving Chef Alaun’s latest creations.

Take a peek at some of the favorites gracing our tables in Julia’s.

Hello, asparagus risotto.


A great, hearty option for Lunch, we are using beautiful, in-season asparagus and porcini mushrooms and then accenting the risotto with parmigiano reggiano.

It is kind of amazing.

Our club sandwich is a favorite of many.  It is a simple and delicious option when you just can’t decide what you would like.


Chef is loading ours up with turkey, bacon and avocado, then the butter lettuce and aioli provide a cool complement to the hearty meat.

A win, win indeed.

Finishing things off with a sweet treat is our strawberries “mi cuit.”  That means half-cooked in French, but is full on delicious.


Ours is accented with vanilla mascarpone chantilly.

The gorgeous Spring days are a great time to get out and try something new.

Come see us for Lunch soon at Julia’s.  An inviting table awaits.

Wine Dinner preparation

It is an exciting day around Julia’s, as we place the final touches on the restaurant for our Rasmussen Wine Dinner tonight.


We love the special ambiance these evenings create for our guests.  From fresh flowers and stunning service, to a custom menu prepared by Chef Alaun that will ignite the senses with each and every bite.

Our Team is ready to shine for our many guests including the company of winemakers Kent Rasmussen and Celia Ramsay.