Chef Alaun returns

If you have been a follower of Julia’s for a while, the name Alaun may ring a familiar bell.  If not, we would like to introduce you!

Meet Julia’s Executive Chef, Alaun Grimaud.

Alaun 2016

This talented Chef creates dishes that are beautifully executed & equally delicious.


Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, our dishes are full of flavor to enjoy.

And, psst….the perfect opportunity to try his cuisine is coming up this week!

Berkeley Restaurant Week features Prix Fixe Lunch ($20) and Dinner ($35) menus from January 21 thru 31, 2016.

Pricing excludes beverages, tax & gratuity and member discount does not apply. 

Make a reservation to join us on Open Table and see what our fans are beaming about.


2 thoughts on “Chef Alaun returns

  1. Is the bread baked in house or is it from a local bakery? In any case would love to buy some of the seeded/multigrain like we had last night!

    • Thank you so much, M-L! We are delighted you loved it.

      Currently, we serving both a sourdough batard and a whole grain country loaf both made by La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles. We currently make our burger buns in house and will be making our sandwich bread for our club sandwich soon.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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