Current favorites

Some delicious items are being enjoyed at Julia’s lately.

Delve on in and read about what our diners are loving most of all.

Hello, cauliflower soup.


Available as a Starter for Lunch, ours is prepared with curried crème fraiche, pickled raisins and croutons.

We think it is kind of perfect for our cold, rainy winter recently.

Next up is our croque monsieur (a delicious ham & cheese sandwich) on the Lunch menu.  

Ours is complete with ham, gruyere cheese, onions and sauce mornay.


Hello yum.

You can’t go wrong choosing this one.

It is a French classic and served on a favorite bread of many – brioche.

Rounding things out on our Dessert menu with our spiced walnut cake.


Ours is nothing short of awesome, with white wine poached pear and brown butter ice cream.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Join us for Lunch or Dinner soon and let us know which one you are dying to try.



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