Beer, wine & cocktails

Summer is in full swing and Julia’s Lounge makes a great place to cool off and sip a favorite beverage.

A favorite beer of many is Pacifico.


Did you know that in the 1970’s surfers from Southern California traveled down the Baja Coast exploring. Along the way, they stopped at cantinas where locals introduced them to this favorite.

Over time, the surfers began bringing cases back to the US, becoming the first unofficial importers of this favorite Mexican pilsner.

Next up, wine!

A refreshing white wine favorite is Sauvignon Blanc, Honig.


The dried-citrus of this Sauvignon Blanc exhibits flavors of delicious dried melon and citrus peel.

Lastly, cocktails!

When you think Summer, maybe lemon and citrus come to mind.

Our Blushing Lemon Drop is perfection with Fris Vodka, lemon juice, sugar and a hint of pomegranate liqueur.

Join us in the Lounge, before or after Dinner, or just because!

We are open Tuesday – Saturday, from 4:30pm – 8pm.


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