Water Conservation

In the times of California’s water crisis, we are doing all we can to conserve a precious resource.

Upon being seated, you will notice a notation on our menu that we comply with the State of California’s law to only serve water by request.


Not only is it a great way to conserve water that may not be consumed, but less water will be used to wash unnecessary glasses in the dishwasher.


Our Team Members are hard at work to only run the dishwasher with full loads.


Consider it a mission accomplished with our Food & Beverage Team hard at work.

Do you have any ideas for water conservation around Julia’s?

Feel free to comment below for any suggestions you may have.

Love from our diners

In Fine Dining, great service, food and wine go hand in hand.

At Julia’s, it is no exception.


Image by Anna Wu Photography

Our servers get props for being knowledgeable and attentive.

Our food is unique and the wine list superb.

But, you don’t need to hear it only from us – take a peek at some of the love diners are sharing about us on social media.

Awesome classy restaurant with fresh, delicious food and rich history! Spend time exploring the grounds as they are superb! ~Sarah, via Yelp

Friendly staff and excellent food. Would definitely recommend for any occasion. ~via Open Table

Having eaten at numerous places in Berkeley over the past years, this was the first time here. The setting was outstanding as would be expected of anything done by Julia Morgan. The waitress was very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant. The food was excellent, and we will return. ~via Open Table

Flowers in Julia's - David Bunnell


A feast for the eyes

A real treat about coming to Julia’s is the beauty you can observe while in route to your drink or meal.

How many restaurants have this beautiful facade welcoming you?


You can’t beat a walk up to the Second floor when this is your view up above.


A meaningful glance over to this gorgeous view upon entering the Second Floor…


Image by Anna Wu Photography

And, then, you are transported into the restaurant.  It has a unique beauty, preserved with historic elegance.

Image by Anna Wu Photography

Now, time to relax at your table with views through these stunning windows…


Image by Anna Wu Photography

A meal with a view, if we say so ourselves!