Current favorites

Summer time brings a bounty of delicious foods that we truly love incorporating into our meals.

Gracing the menu at Lunch and Dinner, you will find organic purple cauliflower.


Chef Scott is using it in a Cauliflower bisque that is a hit among many and accented with a touch of chive oil.

A favorite appetizer is the Burrata cheese.


It first entered our menu last year and diners loved this unique cheese, made with mozzarella and cream.  Its soft texture is delicious and worth a try to accompany your meal.  It is currently available for Lunch and Dinner.

Ours is accented with fava beans, mint, basil, lemon, olive oil and delicious grilled sourdough bread.

For meat-lovers, as a dinner option, you should consider the flat iron steak.

Not only is the steak cooked to perfection, but it is accented with organic fingerling potatoes.

Treat yourself to a visit at Julia’s soon!

Do you have anything in particular that you now want to try?

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