Locally sourced food – Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our locally sourced food post.

If you missed the first one, catch up here, if you like!

Soil Stewardship

Soil health is essential for the survival of our species. Conventional farming practices are rapidly depleting topsoil fertility. Creating and sustaining soil fertility is the major objective for organic growers.


Energy Conservation

Buying locally grown foods decreases dependence on petroleum, a non-renewable energy. Buying from local producers conserves energy at the distribution level.

Environmental Protection

Organic growers use practices that protect soil, air and water resources.

A Step Toward Regional Food Self Reliance

Dependency on far away food sources leaves a region vulnerable to supply disruptions, and removes any real accountability of producer to consumer. Regional food production systems, on the other hand, keep the food supply in the hands of many, providing interesting job and self-employment opportunities, and enabling people to influence how their food is grown.


Passing on the Stewardship Ethic

When you buy locally produced organic food you cannot help but raise the consciousness of your friends and family about how food buying decisions can make a difference in your life and the life of your community.


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