A step back in time

Before Julia’s became a favorite fine dining restaurant in Berkeley, it served as the Dining Room, exclusive to Berkeley City Club Members.

When the building opened in 1930, until 1962, when men joined, women enjoyed the space while they feasted on favorites prepared in the Club’s Kitchen


The Dining Room – Circa 1936

The original tables and chairs are still pieces of furniture present today.

1.1.06din - Copy

The Dining Room – Circa 1972

The beautiful doors and stunning mirror are still part of our current repertoire.


The Dining Room – Circa 1982

The natural light that the room provides also highlights the room with ease.


Julia’s – Circa 2013 / Image by Anna Wu Photography

How beautiful is this space?

Think of all the memories the room has seen in our decades of existence.


Julia’s 2014 / Image by Anna Wu Photography

Pretty amazing…

We invite you to book a reservation to come see us for a stunning meal.

2 thoughts on “A step back in time

  1. Last night I was in town on business staying at the Claremont Hotel. Your restaurant was recommended so I stopped by at 5pm. The staff told me they were completely filled. I asked about the lounge and she said it was full as well. Later, the manager came out and said I could go to Jupiter instead. I showed him that Open Table shows openings but he insisted there was nothing available. The restaurant was completely empty. I absolutely don’t understand why I was treated so poorly and will never return. I’m in Berkeley for business every month and find it disappointing that your restaurant was not at all what you advertise on your Web page.

    • Dear Deborah,

      Thank you so very much for reaching out to us! I am sorry that you had a disappointing encounter with us at Julia’s. I am in the process of determining more about this occurrence. Our commitment to amazing cuisine and stunning service should have come across and I am sorry that you were unable to experience it on that particular evening.

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