Locally sourced food – Part 1

We love the benefits of serving our diners the freshest in meats, breads & produce.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a bounty of seasonal produce and artisan products.

Today, we begin a short two-part series of exploring the benefits of locally-sourced food.



 No doubt about it, freshness is key for ideal preparation & appearance of food.


Produce picked and eaten at the height of freshness tastes better.



 Nutritional value declines as time passes after harvest — however, because locally-grown produce is used soon after harvesting, it is said to be more nutritionally complete.


80% of American adults say they are concerned about the safety of the food they eat. They worry about residues of pesticides and fungicides. These materials are not permitted in an organic production system before or after harvest.


Regional Economic Health

Buying locally grown food keeps money in the community. It contributes to the health of all sectors of the local economy, thus increasing the quality of life — a win-win for everyone!


Organic farmers selling locally are not limited to the few varieties that are bred for long distance shipping, high yields and shelf life. Often they raise and sell wonderful, unusual varieties you would not find on supermarket shelves.

Understanding Julia’s

With a room and building with such a beautiful, rich history, lets peek in and learn a little more about this special place.

The room sure is stunning with its high ceilings and shiny (original) floors…


Image by Matt O’Brien

Did you know that the ceilings are concrete, but designed to look like wood?

Thank you Julia Morgan for your architectural and (sturdy) mastery!

The fireplace sure looks inviting, but rest assured in our dry California atmosphere that we are not starting any roaring fires.

Candles are usually lit to set a warm, engaging space…


Image by Matt O’Brien

Rave reviews tend to come in frequently for the floral arrangements adoring each table and the large one in the center.

Not only does our center table hold flowers, but all the essentials we need to pamper you during your meal – extra plates, silverware and water are ready and waiting.


Image by Matt O’Brien

Do you love a meal with a view?  Take it all in as you soak up the beauty of the Courtyard below.


Image by Matt O’Brien

Or, to watch the sun set off of Durant.


Image by Anna Wu


Feel free to contact us to book a reservation at 510.280.1547 or do so simply via Open Table.

A step back in time

Before Julia’s became a favorite fine dining restaurant in Berkeley, it served as the Dining Room, exclusive to Berkeley City Club Members.

When the building opened in 1930, until 1962, when men joined, women enjoyed the space while they feasted on favorites prepared in the Club’s Kitchen


The Dining Room – Circa 1936

The original tables and chairs are still pieces of furniture present today.

1.1.06din - Copy

The Dining Room – Circa 1972

The beautiful doors and stunning mirror are still part of our current repertoire.


The Dining Room – Circa 1982

The natural light that the room provides also highlights the room with ease.


Julia’s – Circa 2013 / Image by Anna Wu Photography

How beautiful is this space?

Think of all the memories the room has seen in our decades of existence.


Julia’s 2014 / Image by Anna Wu Photography

Pretty amazing…

We invite you to book a reservation to come see us for a stunning meal.

Easter Brunch

In the spirit of great food enjoyed within stunning architecture, consider joining us this Sunday, April 5, 2015, for our annual Easter Brunch Buffet.

A sumptuous buffet of favorites is planned starting with delicious salads, fresh fruit and freshly made baked goods.


You will also enjoy a variety of meats, fresh fish, seasonal sides and more.

It is a great opportunity to treat yourself and let our Team work their magic (both in the Kitchen and table side)


Reservations still available until midnight tonight.

Secure your bookings on Eventbrite.

We hope to see you soon!