Top 5 Kitchen essentials

Do you have a few tried and true Kitchen favorites that you love to rave about?

Executive Chef, Alaun Grimaud, shares his picks that create ease in the Kitchen.


Chef Alaun inside Julia’s / Image by Team Member, Trevor Johnson

And, here we go!

1.  An 8″ or 10″ Chef’s knife


It is one of the most indispensable of knives and also a favorite when it comes to chopping, dicing and slicing.

 If you want to follow in his footsteps, Chef Alaun uses Sabatier knives from France.

2.  A 2.5″ paring knife


Used for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables, it will become one of the most versatile knives in your Kitchen.

3.  An 18” x 24” heavy duty cutting board

Insider tip:  Chef recommends against wood cutting boards


White marble cutting board

Surfaces like plastic or glass are easier to clean than wood.

Wood is naturally porous, and those tiny grooves tend to harbor bacteria.

4.  KitchenAid Mixer


A 5-Quart Mixer (perfect size for home)

An essential if you have desserts and pastries on the brain

5.  A Vita-Prep high speed blender


Yes, they are expensive, but nothing purees food or soups finer

While these items may be pricey on the pocketbook, they are timeless in your Kitchen.

 Take care of them and they will last you for many meals to come.


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