Anatomy of a place setting

Are you one of those people completely at home with a fine dining place setting, or could you use a mini tutorial?

We keep ours fairly simplistic and are here to shed some light on things so you know what to reach for the next time you dine with us.

First up, glassware.

After you have ordered your beverages, any extraneous glasses will be cleared.


Next up, silverware…

And, have no fear if you use drop something, or, (gasp), use something “out of order” — we have extras ready and waiting for you.

If you ordered a meat dish that needs a knife, we will come to the table shortly before your entree arrives with one suitable for cutting.


Bread plate

We knew you were eyeing that bread plate.  That is yours, on the left.

If you saved room for dessert, your server will bring fresh spoons for everyone to taste a bit of decadence.

We invite you to come and dine with us soon!  We can be reached for reservations at 510.280.1547 or on Open Table.

Images by Matt O’Brien Photography

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