Restaurant Week favorites

With just a few days left of Berkeley Restaurant Week, we hope you have come in and treated yourself to a meal (or two!) with us.

If you have yet to make it in, do so before this Saturday, January 31st.

It will be worth your while, because, (bonus!) the restaurant is beautiful…


Julia’s at lunchtime

And then we have the main reason you came, the food!

Unassuming as they are, and a food many thought they did not like…



One of the favorite entrees this year has definitely been the fish.  Any kind will do.  Light enough for Lunch and substantial with its accompaniments for dinner.

Let’s just say it is a win win.


And, for dessert (because, well, it’s included in the price and the portions are small…)


Any (and all) versions of Chef Alaun’s cake are so yummy.

So, if the Chocolate Ganache Bar we mentioned before is too rich for your blood, a light bit of cake and ice cream have been a winner among many diners.

So, come in and join us before Restaurant Week is over.

Menu items vary based upon availability. (only the best and freshest for our diners!)

Reservations are available for both Lunch and Dinner on Open Table or reach us via phone at 510.280.1547.

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