New Year’s Eve around the World

Ever wonder what other countries drink to ring in the New Year in style?  In the United States, we love to toast with a flute of bubbly.


Let’s begin with Russia, who spans two calendars (Julian and Georgian).  With their country-favorite, Vodka, some Russians toast twice, once for each calendar.


Next up, Australia, with a frosty cold beer, since it is Summer down under from December to February.  A Foster’s, preferably, mate!

Illustrative image of Foster's beer.

Moving over to Vietnam.  How about a spiked frozen coffee shot?  Caffeine and a little sweetness?  Count me in.


Curious about Somalia?  Me too, and it sounds intriguing, with Spiced Tea.  A perfect complement to take a break from the alcohol.


Hello there, Ecuador.  What do you have for us?  Canelazo.  Warm shots of strong alcohol, spice, and citrus will give you a refreshing kick.  And, how gorgeous is the lush, green background to accompany your New Year’s drink?

Baños, Ecuador

Closer to home, in Canada, is a Bloody Caesar.  They do them up with Clamato juice and a hint of horseradish.


We hope you enjoyed reading about “go to” drinks around the world!

This year, at Julia’s, all diners may enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne or sparkling apple cider to ring in the New Year.


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